On today’s episode, we speak with Dr. Myers, a naturopathic physician located in Gilbert, AZ who specializes in patients (mostly women) experiencing hormone imbalance or other conditions that otherwise make one feel like total crap.
We discuss hormone health, specifically women’s hormones, and cover the following topics:
• Conventional (allopathic, MD) vs. Naturopathic (natural, ND) medicine
• What symptoms to look for if you suspect you have a hormone imbalance
• What to do if you suspect you have a hormone imbalance
• Lifestyle tips you can utilize right now that will help you heal your body
You can find Dr. Myers on Instagram: @drkaitlynmyers
You can find her husband Dr. Timmermans on Instagram: @regenerativeperformance
Their clinic is called Regenerative Performance and it’s located in Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Myers sees patients both locally and virtually.

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