WELCOME TO 2020!!!
Want to make lasting change in your life? Yes, we know you do, because we do too!  Karissa “KK” Kouchis is going to teach you just that. KK is the only female national speaker for Tony Robbins and has worked with some big names and groups including The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Don’t miss a minute with the impactful and energizing interview.
Oh and the best part?! KK is giving our TAGYST Tribe a kick-ass offer to an event we know you won’t want to miss. You heard us talk about this epic event before and we think you need to be there. Trust us, we wouldn’t recommend anything if we didn’t LOVE and believe in it.  To make it even better, KK has created her own community within the event so you will never feel like you’re going in it alone. Learn all about in the episode.
or… you can dive right in and get it now by texting TAGYST to 21000 to receive a text from Karissa to learn more and sign up.
Happy New Year!
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