Did you know that 80% of women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their body? That is horrendous but sadly, not surprising. This most likely a blend of societal views, media platforms but mostly out limiting beliefs about ourselves.  Although inclusivity and acceptance for all body types, shapes, colors and expressions have become something to love an appreciate. We still feel there may be some lingering stigma in popular movements like body positivity. 

Before you judge, hear us out. In this epidote we are out experiences and perceptions as a “plus size” and a “thin/petite” woman. What we want for all women is to love themselves, in any stage in life. Be healthy and express themselves in way that lifts them and others. We also don’t people to feel ashamed for wanting a change. If you want to change your health, lose weight, or get a little nip ro tuck, we say do it. We love you and we want you to love all of you too. 

Cheers to the beautiful you you already are.


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