If you haven’t figured out by now, we are obsessed with Glennon Doyle. In her newest book, Untamed, she introduces to the world a new perspective on how we acquire beliefs systems and habits in our life. 


Throughout our lives, we have been given and written a series of memos on how to act, what to say, how to look, what to believe in, what to dislike, when to  speak up, when to stay silent, how to parent, how to be a good child, how to be good spouse – the list is endless. 

What if those memos were never intended to be for us at all? Although most memos are given to us with good intention- what if we went though our files of old memos and ditched the ones that do not accuratley represent the way you want to live your one precious life? What if you could write a more meaningful, relevant and impactful memo – one that created a rise in energy, life and purpose? 

It is possible. Words matter. What memos are you writing yourself and others? To every human, it’s time to write some new damn memos.


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