Just listen to the intro and you will fall in love with Katie as much as we did when we met her
Katie Saffert is passionate about creating REAL connections and is the mastermind behind Hatched Collective, where her mission is “to make every women feel seen & heard for exactly who she is.”
In this week’s episode, Katie is teaching all of us how to own our imperfections – this is more than not being a perfectionist. We are getting into the gritty stuff here. Katie incorporates the 3 key components to owning it and showing up and the 3 pillars of community. Ladies! don’t miss this moving and dynamic episode!
Follow Katie everywhere she is @ www.hatchedcollective.co and on IG @hatchedcollective (disclosure about her IG account in the episode).
A little bonus for being here:
Ever wonder why certain things sky rocket in popularity like viral online content or a popular baby name? We do too! When talking to Katie off air she recommended a must read marketing book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On click the link to learn more about how to be more influential and effective than the standard advertising methods.

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