There is one advantage we can all utilize to leverage our success in our lives, that is continuous learning.
Ever wonder what all these messages of personal growth and development could be doing to those who are only hearing half the message?
So many motivators like Mel Robbins, Gary V., Rachel Hollis and countless others are making their way into our lives (this podcast included). We fear that some empowering messages could be taken out of context and actually doing the opposite of what the speaker intended.
I invite you to be curious during this podcast – today we are breaking down common messages we hear, love and share with all of you. We compare the intention of the message and how it could also be misinterpreted. In addition, we spotlight a couple common messages from some personal growth celebrities who we actually disagree with and why.
Remember, stay curious in all areas of your life and ways to enhance it. This is all a learning process as we are all continuously working on getting our sh*t together, TOGETHER.
Lindsay & Jena

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