In Carisa’s interview, she takes us is through her struggle and suffering of a mystery diagnosis, her courageous journey to uncover the cause of the symptoms, and how she transformed her health with healing foods.

Within her inspiring story she describes darker times of when she truly felt she was losing her life to profound moments of gratitude and true sense of thriving.

Carisa is a beautiful soul who represents how sometimes we have stand on our own to discover what is best for ourselves and be our own advocates.


Carisa’s IG @carisaloraine
Medical Medium 
IG: @medicalmedium 

  • Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (the book she read back in 2016)
  • Life Changing Foods
  • Thyroid Healing
  • Liver Rescue (her personal favorite, only second to the first one)

Celery Juice
The Empath School
Erin the Psychic Witch
Note from Carisa: Her meditations are what worked for me. I am not sure she has any available publicly without becoming a client of hers–would be worth any investment however. She is an amazing Healer.
IG: @erinthepsychicwitch
Ora North 
Note from Carisa: This girl is just as amazing. Her shamanic work is life changing.
IG: @oranorth  

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