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It’s time to start living. It’s time to start showing up and kick some ass.


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No 2

The Shit Sandwich


Everything you do in life will come with a shit sandwich. That’s right – anything worth doing will most likely com with a price. The key is figuring out which flavor you’re okay with eating every single day. 


No 5

Let’s Talk About
the V-Word

When our V’s are not pleasured and cared for we quickly start to feel anxious and unfulfilled. In this episode, we take it back to the basics and explain why understanding and honoring our V’s is so important.

No 9

Dealing With Your
Inner Critic

We say the darnedest things to ourselves, things we would NEVER say to people we love, but we say them to ourselves without thinking twice. Notice that dialog you are having with yourself and tell that inner critic to shove it! 


Time Abundance &
Cutting the BS

We all wish we had more time – do you know how to find it? Time is the greatest equalizer – everyone on the planet is given the same amount. In this episode we give you tips on how to create more time for yourself by cutting out the BS.

No 13

Time Series Pt. 1:
Tech is Hijacking Your Brain

We’re diving deep into our body’s response to our smart phones and other tech devices that surround us daily.


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#124: Letting Go Of Perfectionism

#124: Letting Go Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is self-destructive simply because there is no such thing as perfect. Yet, striving to obtaining a level of perfectionism is enticing if not addictive because when we invariably do experience shame, judgment, and blame and we often believe it's because...


our happy listeners

“Yes, yes and more yes”

I have learned so much in this podcast from self care, time management, saying no and the list goes on. In addition to this amazing podcast the Facebook group is full of women that love, support and empower each other. I love it and you girls! Keep on keepin’ on!

K McLaren

“Keepin’ it Real”

These woman are so unintentionally funny! They have fabulous pointers and give great advice with resources to help push you in a good direction. I like that they share their humility with decisions in their own lives that didn’t work out so well, yet they keep on! The intros are always my favorite! You may want to keep a pen and paper handy – there’s always something I want to write down! They are my Monday morning ritual drive to work.


“Good vibes all around”

Love these high-vining, smart, witty ladies! If you don’t resonate with at least one thing they say on these awesome and incredibly important topics so you can live better, well, then you are a robot.


“Real, funny, and worth the listen”

In a world with less and less time and more and more information it’s hard to know what to make time for. Make time for this! Real people, real advice, and really worth it.”


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We appreciate you giving us a piece of your ♥.  We promise to keep it safe.